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The Beginning Cultural Destination Taking Shape

ENA Evolution
An evolution has a beginning.  ENA Couture’s exact starting point can’t be determined.   A specific location cannot be named.  ENA began with a destination, and through this journey, ENA Couture found its origin.

Using the textures of travel, each ENA bag is an art piece designed by Elisabeth Apcar.  The bags feature tapestries reproduced in European countries, many depicting masterpieces.  Woven on jacquard looms with the best possible quality materials, the tapestry is placed on rich fabrics of jacquard lace, upholstery, chenille, organza, crushed voile or linen and adorned with braided cords, trims, fringes, tassels and lace.  Each bag is a one of a kind, numbered, and accompanied by an authenticity card. There is color, heritage, history and detailing running through all of the styles of ENA Couture.