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ENA Evolution The Beginning Cultural Destination

ENA Couture takes shape
Fashion began to take form, just as a tapestry is created.  The beautiful picture of a pastoral scene, or a castle is the culmination of individual threads coming together to tell a story – a result of intersections.  In 2000, while studying abroad in Monaco, Elisabeth’s past, culture and upbringing began to weave themselves into ENA Couture. 

Today, ENA Couture has become a favorite among couture cognoscenti.  It is an art, perfect for those passionate enough to call themselves artists.  Made with love and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, each piece passes through the hand of the artist, Elisabeth Apcar. 

Elisabeth donates her line of handbags to a number of charitable causes such as The Princess Grace Foundation, The Las Vegas Youth Foundation, AFAN and more.