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ENA Evolution Cultural Destination Taking Shape

The Beginning Destination
Elisabeth Apcar was born into a show business family.  First generation American, her father, Frederic Apcar arrived from France and established himself in Las Vegas as a producer of true Las Vegas production shows.  Her mother, from the Czech Republic, has a history of creativity and life throughout Europe.  Elisabeth’s parents instilled the world in their daughter.  Travel was inherent. 

Finding home within the aisles of her father’s costume warehouse, Elisabeth touched and felt sequined, feathered and embroidered inspiration from the garbs of showgirls.  Hiding amongst rhinestones she found her niche.  She found what she had always felt – fashion.


Elisabeth loved fashion.  The evolution continued as she grew up understanding the shapes of the female form.  Exposed to shows, photography, and choreography while traveling with her family’s productions - Elisabeth realized that the most beautiful art piece is a woman’s figure.  What accentuates it better than accessories for beautiful clothing?